Autumn Fruit Bomb

Alice Williams

Alice Williams from Petham Primary School in Canterbury 2017 finalist

Living in kent, apples and other fruit are in abundance. The dish evokes a feeling of Autumn! Alice also wanted to include fresh eggs from her own chickens.


To make the sponge whisk the flour, sugar, butter and eggs together.
Grease 4 small hemisphere moulds.
Divide the mixture between the moulds.
Bake in an oven at180 C for 20/25 mins.
Meanwhile prepare the fruit. Chop all but 1 apple into small pieces.
Place in a pan with the blackberries, spice and a tablespoon of water and spice; cook until soft.
Push raspberries through a sieve and mix with the icing sugar.
When the cakes are ready, turn out onto wire racks to cool.
Take the fruit mixture of the heat.
Scoop wells out of the sponge and replace with cooked apple.
To serve
Place two halves of sponge together to form a sphere.
Pour Raspberry coulis over.
Garnish with remaining apple blackberries and raspberries chocolate leaves.


Autumn Fruit Bomb
4 free range eggs (from Alice’s own chickens)
225g caster sugar.
225g self-raising flour.
225g soft butter.
100g icing sugar.
300g Kentish raspberries and 150g blackberries.
4 Kentish apples.
Pinch of mixed spice.
Melted chocolate.