Kentish Christmas Crumble

Nicole Ellis

Nicole Ellis from Loose Primary School in Maidstone 2017 finalist

My older sister created this dish as a school project and we have been making it ever since.


first chop the onion and carrot. Cook carrot in boiling water for 5 mins. using a small amount of oil, fry onion until soft and then add meat and fry until it changes colour and goes crumbly. add the veg stock and carrots and cook gently for about 10 mins until some of the liquid has gone. While this is cooking, make the crumble. Rub the flour and butter together with your finger tips until the mixture resembles breadcrumbs. then stir in the grated cheese and sage. Put the meat in the bottom of the serving dish and then put the crumble on top. Cook for about 25 mins until crumble is starting to brown around the edges. I served these with some sprouts that were finely sliced and fried with bacon, some roast potatoes and a little bit of cranberry sauce. I decorated the crumble with some sage leaves and a cranberry (although you cant eat these, they are just for decoration)


125g turkey mince, half a carrot finely chopped, 100ml veg stock, quarter of an onion finely chopped
for the crumble: 40g flour, 20g butter, 10g cheese. a generous pinch of dried sage.
served with mini roast potatoes, stir fried sprouts with bacon and cranberry sauce.