Fiery Kentish Korean Pork

Hangchhanuma Rai

Hangchhanuma Rai from Spires academy in Canterbury 2017 finalist

I chose this dish because I love the smell and taste of Korean foods. We had made this in class and everyone loved how it turned out. The sweetness of the marinade to the spiciness of the sauce, it all balances and complements each other very well. The topping salad and the colour of the sauce gives the dish a slight pop in colour, it makes the dish look bright and colourful. I just love it when it's stacked and you can see each layer filled with colour and flavour.


1. Make sure you prepare yourself, working area and all ingredients.
2. Wash rice twice to remove starch and cook rice in cooker (water level must be an inch higher than the rice.)
3. For the marinade using a food processor blend all ingredients until smooth.
4. Pour the marinade over the sliced pork and mix so the meat gets covered. You can cook it straight away or allow to marinate for 15 min.
5. For the sauce mix all ingredients together and set it aside.
6. For the topping slice/ cut the lettuce leaves, cabbage and carrots into small thin slices. Drizzle in the sesame oil and toss. Also slice chilli & spring onion and set aside.
7. Heat a frying pan, drizzle some oil and cook the pork slices for 2-3 min on each sides, until golden brown and cooked.
8. Using a circle cookie cutter on top of a plate. Place the cooked rice, stack the cooked pork, and then add the topping salad. Leave for a bit so the stack keeps it shape and doesn't topple over.
9. Around the stack drizzle the sauce and sprinkle over the sesame seeds. Also add the slices of chilli and spring onions.
10. Finally serve.


Pork Belly Strip 1
lettuce 2 leaves
1/2 pear
1/2 onion
garlic 2 cloves
ginger 1 piece
spring onion 1
brown sugar 30 g
sesame oil 15 g
chilli paste 20 g
mayonnaise 30 g
rice vinegar 5 ml
sugar 5 g
rice 75 g