Homemade Gluten Free Falafel with Vegan Tzatziki dip (Vegan and Gluten free)

Milly Jessup

Milly Jessup from Lynsted & Norton School in Swale 2017 finalist

My favourite food is gluten free pitta breads and so I made these to have in my pitta and I liked them.


Grate the cucumber into a sieve and toss with a teaspoon of salt. Leave for 10 mins and wash the salt off. Rinse well and squeeze. Combine with (vegan) yoghurt, crushed garlic and finely chopped mint and set aside for 20 mins. check seasoning and serve.

Rinse the chickpeas and drain. Place in the food processor and blend with garlic, onion, chilli, spices and herbs to a rough paste. Mould into balls and shallow fry. Serve with Tzatziki and side salad.


I cucumber,
450g of vegan yoghurt,
fresh mint,
1 garlic clove,

200g dried chickpeas soaked overnight,
4 garlic cloves,
1 onion,
1 red chilli,
1 teaspoon ground cumin,
1 teaspoon of ground coriander,
black pepper,
fresh parsley,
fresh coriander.