Pan Fried Salmon and a Winter butternut squash roasted salad

Belle Graeme

Belle Graeme from Dover Grammar School for Girls in Dover 2019 finalist

I don’t usually like salmon or butternut squash however this dish has so many flavours and it is one of my favourites.


Heat oven to 180°c fan. Cut the squash into chunky wedges, peel and deseed, Chop and peel the shallots in half and place both vegetables onto a shallow roasting tray. Mix the chilli paste and oil together and pour over the vegetables, season and toss the vegetables around to coat them. Roast for 20 minutes and shake the pan halfway. Place the salmon on a frying pan and Coat in oliv oil and Cajun spices, cook 4 minutes each side. Place the butternut squash seeds on a baking tray and drizzle olive oil honey and season, cook until golden. 5 minutes before the vegetables need to come out pour in the chickpeas and return to oven. When out then mix in the spinach. In a lot mix honey and ground ginger and drizzle over the salmon once plated up, put the rest of the components on the plate and sprinkle the seeds over.


One portion of salmon
Half a butternut squash and it’s seeds
4 small shallots
75g chickpeas
50g spinach leaves
Chilli paste
Ground ginger
Olive oil
Cajun Spices