Hidden vegetable bolognese on a bed of courgetti.

Lusia Banbury

Lusia Banbury from Whitstable Junior School in Canterbury 2019 finalist

My mum is a childminder and is always looking for food that everyone will like but is healthy and contains vegetables, I thought we could chop lots of vegetables up really small and they wouldn't notice them, everyone loves this.


1. Gently fry the vegetables in the olive oil for 3 mins.
2. Add the garlic, fry for another minute.
3. Add the steak mince, use a spoon to separate the mince and combine with the vegetables.
4. Once the mince is browned add the can of tomatoes and tomato puree, stir.
5. Add the herbs and gravy granules, stir.
6. Cook for 20 mins on low heat.
7. While the bolognese is cooking prepare the courgetti with a spiralizer.
8. Bring a pan to the boil, cook for 3 mins. Drain, courgetti will be wetter than spaghetti, so drain well, dab on kitchen towel if necessary.
9. Serve with cheese of choice sprinkled on top, my fave is Parmesan.


4 x mushrooms (finely diced)
1 x celery stick (finely diced)
1 x red onion (finely diced)
1 x Tbs olive oil
1 x Tbs mixed herbs
1 x can chopped tomato
4 x cloves garlic
1/2 tube tomato puree
500g tomato passata
1 x carrot (finely diced)
500g steak mince (5% fat)
Seasoning to taste
1 Tbs beef gravy granules (less salt)