Deconsructed Apple Crumble Tart with Toffee sauce

Patrick Baron

Patrick Baron from St John's Catholic Comprehensive School in Gravesham 2017 finalist

Blackberries grow in our garden and the apples are from Kent


Slice the apples into nice pieces. not to thin as they will be to mushy when heated in the hot butter.
In a saucepan heat the butter and add the apples.
Add the brown sugar and spices.
Cook until just soft, by this time the butter and sugar would have melted enough to make a sauce.
Use 2 oven proof serving dishes and put the apple and sauce into them.
Allow to cool.
Cut two circles out of the pastry big enough to form a lid and lace over the apples.
Press the pastry down to avoid any air or juices to run out as this will make the pasty soggy.
Bake in an oven on 200 for about 20 minuets.
Next make the crumble by rubbing in the butter to the flour and stir in the sugar and oats.
Spread the mixture onto a baking tray and bake until golden and crisp for 10 minuets.
In a saucepan heat the butter brown sugar and cream allow it to boil then take it off the heat and stir.
Pour into a serving jug.
Scatter the crumble crumbs on a plate and take the tarts out of the oven
Turn the tarts out to reveal a golden sweet soaked tart.


2 Bramley Apples peeled and cored
50g of butter
Vanial pod seeds
Sprinkle of Cinnamon,Ginger and Mixed spice
100g Dark brown Sugar
1 Sheet of puff pastry.
50g butter for the sauce
50g brown sugar
50ml Double cream
50g Plain flour
30g Butter
25g Sugar
Handful of oats